Uh, ….. I WANT my latte. Really? Still closed?!

Yes guys, we’re getting closer to finalizing a few things. Sit tight,

In efforts to expand, we WILL have to move our location (how temporarily unfortunate!)

BUT, once we open our new shop, we’ll be able to better serve you guys & hold more cool events for the fall. We miss our Tiny Cup Community and hope to have more in store.

In the meantime, check us out on Facebook, Etsy, Brooklyn Flea and at AfroPunk!

August 24 & 25th

Please feel free to email us at tinycupbedstuy@gmail.com

We’re signing people up for our mailing list.

We will have many community events coming up and could definitely use the help of local artists, musicians and just our TC folks to come out & show some love for our BedStuy Kids!

Aside from that, you KNOW we gotta have a Tiny Cup relocation Launch party!


Cool food tutorials

I found this awesome site that shows you pretty neat tutorials in different culinary areas.

Anything from knife skills to making fresh pasta.

You can even gift classes to your friends!

It’s been around for a while but I thought I’d share.

Rouxbe Online Cooking School (pronounced RooBee)


Check it out!

What’s up with the shop? Are they open?

We’re actually working on moving. 
We really need more space to facilitate all the activities we 
do (especially with the kids)
And the way we’re able to do it is to leave this location.
Our buildout is going to take time, so check our Facebook page for updates
and check us out at other venues this summer!